We offer our services to Contractors and Consultancies needing to recruit Engineering Specialists particularly within:
Power and Energy 
Grid Technology
Mining and Water.
We specialize in recruiting Green Engineers, Civil Engineers (specializing in Construction and Structural, Water Resources, Transportation, Geotechnology, Environment), Oil and Gas as well as Mining and Resources Engineers. To our Customers we provide a range of skills that include:
Infrastructure Engineers - Civil, Design, Structural, Mechanical, Site
Transmission Engineers – Line Engineers, Relay Engineers, Relay Testers , SCADA Engineers
ƒƒTransmission Planners - Planning Engineers, Project Managers, Technicians, Inspectors, Managers.
To these customers we provide a range ƒof skills that include;ƒƒ Infrastructure Engineers – Civil,Design, Structural, Mechanical, Siteƒƒ Transmission Engineers – LineEngineers, Relay Engineers, ƒRelay Testers , SCADA Engineersƒƒ Transmission Planners - PlanningEngineers, Project Managersƒƒ Substation Specialists – Designers,Engineers, Technicians, ƒInspectors, Managers.
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